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Mahathir a lousy loser

Since Barisan Nasional was wiped out in Terengganu in the last general election, a profound bitterness has been revealed and is about to be translated into unbelievably childish acts of political vendetta to deny the PAS government there the pleasure of developing their own state the way they see right. It is sad that after 20 years under the Barisan Nasional, the state continues to be one of the poorest states in the country despite having revenue from petroleum.

Many people are starting to question the slow development and whether the money was spent wisely since the state continues to be pathetically poor.

In any ball game there is a winner and a loser - in our case, Barisan Nasional is a lousy loser. There is no sportsmanship left as the captain was a sore loser.

Come on, Mahathir. Be a sport, accept defeat gracefully, and don't take the petroleum royalty to channel it through the organisation connected to BN.

There is also "fear" that the PAS government may develop the Terengganu link of the East Coast Highway using this royalty and there may not be any imposition of toll charges. Terengganu has proven that it can abolish "highway robbery" (toll) and the only way way Terengganu can be denied the chance to prove its worth is to take away the petroleum royalty.

Malaysians are not that naive that they cannot see the political vendetta that is taking place now. Mahathir is not only a poor captain but also a tactician who will do anything to shift the goalpost to his benefit, not to mention influence the referees and linesmen.

Dr Pratap Singh